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Crewspace is the private social network and jobs board for professional road crew (touring concert pro's) in the music industry worldwide, like a spam free roadie myspace. You can customise your profile, post blogs / photos / videos / music, apply for jobs, explore the wealth of road crew related info in the Forum, catch up with old friends, post jobs for road crew, find production and touring resources including Venue and Company Directories, and find work on the free roadcrew Jobs Board.Membership is by invitation from a current member, which prevents spam, and keeps the site professional and private. It's 100% free, and it's the best place to find jobs. Pro road crew get hired here! All touring professionals are welcome.

The crewspace road crew jobs board

Anyone can use the crewspace jobs board to find professional road crew (roadies / touring concert professionals):

  • Anyone can post a job for all 17,000+ members of crewspace.
  • Only invited members can apply for jobs (this reduces unwanted applications).
  • It's completely free, for job poster and applicant, and it's very quick and easy.
  • Your contact details are hidden - members send you CV's / Resumés through the online form when applying for road crew (roadie) jobs.

Advertise on crewspace to over 17,000 touring professionals worldwide!

Reach over 17,000 pro road crew on Crewspace. Members include Tour Managers, Production Managers, Production assistants. Audio engineers, sound engineers, FOH engineers, Front of House Engineers, Monitor Engineers, IEM engineers, FOH mixers, Monitor Mixers, Audio Technicians, Audio Designers, PA Designers, PA Techs, Patch Techs. Lighting Directors, Lighting Designers, Lighting Operators, Lighting Technicians, Moving Light Techs, Dimmer Techs, Lighting Programmers. Guitar Techs, Bass Technicians, Drum Techs, Keyboard Techs, Piano Techs, Percussion Techs, Backline Techs, Stage Techs. Drivers, Bus Drivers, Entertainer Coach Drivers, Tour Bus Drivers, Sleeper Bus Drivers, Nightliner Drivers, Coach Drivers, Tour Drivers, Truck Drivers. Security, Personal Security, BodyGuards, Caterers, Chefs, Cooks, Carpenters, Stage Carps, Stage Crew, Touring Crew, Roadies, Road Crew, Professional Road Crew, Touring Concert Professionals, Concert Crew, Music Industry Pro's, Personal Assistants, Video Techs, Pyrotechs, PyroTechnicians, SFX Techs, Wardrobe, Dressing Room Staff, Hospitality Staff, Roadys, and anyone who tours!

Road crew / roadie / tour manager / tech - what's the difference?

It depends what country you're in. They're all crew - people who tour with a band to perform different roles. Roadie is a general term, some crew prefer road crew, because to some people "roadie" can be derogatory. "Road crew" is sometimes preferred, especially by skilled crew such as audio engineers, lighting designers etc. or crew with jobs in the production side like tour managers etc. You probably wouldn't call a tour accountant a roadie, but you might call them roadcrew! To many it doesn't matter, and roadie is fine, but no-one will be offended if you use "road crew".